Coffeehouses and cafe culture: the backbone of Doejo

There’s a fine art in creating community work spaces in the form of independent coffeeshops―it’s in Doejo’s DNA. Artfully wrought, Dollop, Noble Tree, and Kickstand cafes embody a carefully cultivated charm in retail planning.

They’ve been described as alternative art galleries, community offices and among some of the best coffeehouses in Chicago. Doejo co-founder Phil Tadros created Dollop (Uptown), Noble Tree (Lincoln Park) and Kickstand (Lakeview) to inspire local patrons, represent Chicago artists and support local vendors like Metropolis Coffee Co., Hoosier Mama Pie Co., and Southport Grocery and Cafe, to name a few. 

Tadros’ coffeehouses represent the retail and build-out capabilities of Doejo―from comprehensive storefront build-outs to operating successful cafes as purveyors of culture. Each cafe articulates specific experiences and designs modeled for each neighborhood it calls home. Kickstand, near a highly trafficked train station is themed around grab-in-go cyclists, while Noble Tree, in the college-town neighborhood of Lincoln Park has three WiFi-equipped floors of cushy chairs and tables for day-long study sessions. Check ‘em out and stay awhile.