Designing aint everything…take a vacation.

As a designer you need to be in tip-top-shape (mentally) at all times. Design problems don’t solve themselves with magic and designers can sometimes get into a rut. To help eliminate that rut, designers should do some preventative maintenance.

One of the people that I look up to the most in the design profession is Erik Spiekermann. I recall an interview where he said that to be good designer, you cannot stay at home. Get out and absorb everything. Travel far, travel near…see the world. See new things, realize how different things can be and try to absorb their surroundings because you’ll get a chance to be influenced by other design solutions, get inspired to try something new and metally slow down. Allow yourself to rest, reboot, and get ready to take in new things. You’ll be doing yourself, your office and yourself a career solid.

Take a vacation.

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