Ditlo: Visual interviews of trending people, places and things

Curious how a musician spends the final minute before they walk on stage? Ever wonder which tasty food truck your favorite celebrity frequents? Then you are going to love ditlo. 

Ditlo, short for day in the life of, is a new site showcasing visual interviews of trending people, places and things that launches today. A visual powerhouse, ditlo plans to generate an average of 500 images weekly.

Every day ditlo will be posting stunning photos and videos that give visitors an intimate look into the lives of their subjects. Each of these visual interviews will contain around 40 images. Subjects include fascinating people from all walks of life: actors, musicians, comedians, writers, designers, and, our personal favorite, entrepreneurs.

Doejo worked with the ditlo team to create the engaging, photo-heavy website and develop their presence on social media. Check out the new ditlo site here or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest or Pheed.