Doejo and SeedCon 2011’s Fast-Pitch entrepreneurial competition

We love entrepreneurial competitions here at Doejo. What’s more American than tech start-ups contending for venture capital funding in one of the greatest business schools in the country?

This Thursday, Doejo will be co-sponsoring the SeedCon 2011 Fast-Pitch competition at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Conference. Phil Tadros will also be one of the judges of the contest pitting eight idea-stage start-up’s against each other vying for more than $70,000 worth of start-up-friendly prizes on November 17 and 18.

Speakers at the event include Matt Moog, CEO of Viewpoints; Brad Flora, founder & CEO of NowSpots; Jim Dugan, co-founder & CEO of OCA Ventures; Karin O’Conner, founder & president of Perimeter Advisors; Bryan Johnson, founder & CEO of Braintree; Jason Fried, co-founder and president of 37signals; and a Keynote address by Steven Kaplan, Neubauer Family Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance at the Uof C Booth School, among other conversations. View the full agenda here.

In an effort to celebrate Chicago-based entrepreneurship and venture capital while promoting the next great Groupon-caliber idea, SeedCon rates submissions on product-market fit, feasibility, and creativity and innovation. You can check out the video submissions here.

Along with Phil, judging the Fast-Pitch contest will be Built in Chicago founder, Matt Moog; Technori & SPARK Chicago co-founder, Seth Kravitz; Excelerate Labs co-founder & SEO, Troy Henikoff; New World Ventures partner, Adam C. Koopersmith; Techweek President, Jonathan Pasky; and essentially, a ‘who’s who’ of Chicago tech mavens.

The following concepts will be voted on at the Fast-Pitch competition:

  • OKCopay – a medical comparison engine that removes the mystery of pricing for patients, while improving reimbursement rates for providers.
  • VenueForest – an online marketplace that makes it easy for event planners to discover and book the right venue space.
  • SnuggleCloud – a personal space for long distance couples, a platform of communication.
  • TalkChalk – a platform that enables all stakeholders of the education process the ability communicate safely and effectively through Facebook, both during/after school.
  • HireBrite – a resource for top undergraduate and graduate students seeking internship and full-time opportunities at promising startups.
  • Webils – a low cost user-friendly Software-as-a-Service intellectual eLearning and webinar solution.
  • Stork Stack – a subscription-based startup focused on the baby/toddler market.