Doejo attends ‘The Leapyear Project’ launch party

On Monday night the Doejo crew headed over to The Library at Guilt Bar to support our friend Victor Saad, who just released his book “The Leapyear Project.” Saad’s full-color book isn’t just any coffee table book, but a collection of inspiration and passion.

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  2. This kid’s so cool he has his own M&M’s @victorsaad #lyproject
  3. Saad’s book centers around the idea of taking a leap of faith to do something you love. In 2012, the last leap year, Saad took the leap and traveled around the world, apprenticing and gaining experiences from 214 “leapers.” 
  4. During the launch, Saad hopped on a chair and thanked friends, leapers and his biggest fan — his mom. Saad highlighted all of the late nights spent working on the book, the multiple rounds of editing and traveling the world to complete his “most meaningful project.”


    “Tonight is to celebrate that leaping is creating something of value,” he said. 
  5. Inspiring night with @victorsaad and some of the team behind #lyproject!
  6. Saad emphasized that anyone can take the leap.

    “Leaping just isn’t for the rich or well connected…it’s for all of us,” Saad said. 

  7. @victorsaad launching his #LeapYearProject book! Congratulations buddy
  8. Saad also mentioned his next project, the Experience Institute – a school centering around design, business development, technology and social innovation.

  9. “The Leapyear Project” has already received a five-star-rating on One Customer wrote:

    “Saad will pack you in his backpack and take you on a journey through hope and trials and risks and growth as he travels around the world re-imagining higher education and learning about social enterprise. Then he’ll leave you standing at wide open road of possibilities and challenge you to take the next step (or “leap,” I suppose) on your own journey.”

  10. Another reader raves about the book via Facebook:
  11. I read a ton of books but this is one that every risk taker needs on their book shelf, The Leapyear Project Book by Victor Saad. Grab this beautiful book on Amazon for yourself or someone who needs to know about learning to risk and risking to…
  12. To purchase a copy of Saad’s book, visit
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