Doejo Does Letterpress

Letterpress… cool! Check out this book we made for a client. We wanted to “wow” them and instead of submitting a boring, emailable, digital PDF full of 30 inspiration images, we custom created this book as our presentation. We took an old vintage book and perfect bound our own pages inside of it. Neato!

No mouse clicking needed. This bad boy was hand letterpressed and also included a limited edition woodtype poster that contained an assortment of our inspiration words for the project. A nice little hand-made addition to the book! The rest of the interior pages housed the client-requested images that we felt embodied their concept and project personality. We also shot the photography for the book that included various folk-art inspired imagery and vintage aesthetics. In order to recycle the pages that were removed, blank pages were placed in the back as a sketchbook section. The orignal pages were then interspersed throughout the sketchbook as dividers. 

So check it out, yo. Doejo may be rockstars in the web world but we can respect da’ print. Come on designers, remove your hand from your mouse and don’t be afraid to get a little messy.  

Long live print. 


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