Doejo featured in TINC Magazine

Recently, we did an interview with local tech industry news site to chat a bit―well, a lot―about our humble web agency. The Q&A was a part of a series of profiles TINC Mag has been doing throughout Chicago’s growing digital creative universe. Check out our responses below. (It’s a bit meta, the screencap below has a screencap of our site―if they post about this post, the internet might implode so keep quiet.)

The latest addition to our TINC Interview Series is the creative web agency, Doejo. Self-described as a “startup for startups,” Doejo specializes in working with both new and established companies to help them create brand identities, social media presences, video, print and digital ad campaigns, mobile apps, and much more.

TINC: Startup vs. Growth Company AKA – What stage are you in? Series A (early stage) or “Growth Mode”?

We are definitely in “Growth Mode” and have been for the past three years as we take on new and diverse clients―many of which are start-ups like us. We like to say we’re the startup for startups.

TINC: Give us your Elevator Pitch!

Doejo is a dynamic creative agency specializing in web and digital work―building websites, creating apps and crafting brand identities, yes, but also doing robust video campaigns, print collateral and creative consultation. We help companies facilitate a message that connects them to their users while creating meaningful communities.

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