Doejo geeks out at Techweek

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Like kids in a candy store, the Doejo crew entered the doors of the Chicago Techweek Expo ready to explore up-and-coming tech products and companies. We even got the chance to shake hands with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. While milling around the expo, we found something for just about everyone. Here are a few things we thought you should know about:

Cheeky Chicago@CheekyChicago
For the cosmopolitan woman…

photo (6)City gals, this online magazine is for you. While this lifestyle publication covers everything from nightlife events to beauty advice, Cheeky Chicago, and former Doejo clients, is much more than a magazine. This lifestyle publication was at Techweek touting its VIP membership and exclusive passes to their monthly parties. The now-1871 housed startup provides subscribers with weekly discount coupons too. And you can’t go wrong with private parties and coupons, am I right?

For the social medium…

photo (8)If you often praise your favorite brands and products online, Yappem is just for you. You can finally benefit from all of the free PR you’ve given a company each time you rant or rave about a product online. Each time you post about a company/product on Twitter, Facebook or FourSquare, you can receive “coins.” Once you’ve collected enough of these golden coins, you can get discounts, deals or free gift cards. It’s that simple.


For the TV addict…

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Being away from the tube is no longer an excuse for missing your favorite shows while on the go. Now you can watch your favorite basic TV shows anywhere with Aereo, a subscription-based service that allows you watch TV from your smartphone, laptop, tablet, AppleTV or Roku. But wait, there’s more. Aereo even lets you DVR shows and hit the rewind button in case you missed the game-winning goal (or the punchline over laughter). All for only $8 a month, to start. Aereo is coming to Chicago Sept. 13 but offering early adopters a beta version a month before.

Divvy – @DivvyBikes
For the eco-friendly commuter…

photo (7)Getting around Chicago without impacting the environment is easier than ever with Chicago’s new bike sharing program. Divvy allows users with a credit or debit card to rent a bike at 30 minute intervals 24/7. Since there are hundreds of stations around Chicago (from Andersonville to Hyde Park) and growing, running errands or visiting friends city-wide is easy. To use these sleek Chicago star-labeled powder blue bikes, you can purchase a 24-hour pass for $7 or an annual membership for only $75. Compared to the growing price of CTA passes, this mode of transportation is healthier and more cost-effective (and doesn’t require a transfer).

For the sample givers…
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Everybody loves free samples, and well, robots. This new hi-tech sample kiosk delivers any non-perishable product to the hands of customers with the scan of a card. The aptly-named Freeosk allows customers to scan their store membership/rewards card (or use the Freeosk phone app) to get a free sample. By the way, the new Snickers Unwrapped Bites are amazing!


For the fitness freak…

photo (2)Because sitting at a desk all day can be boring and lethargic LifeSpan brings you these health-conscious desks for the office. These multi-tasking, adjustable devices allow you to bike or walk at work while at your desk. So whether you’re on a conference call or you’re brainstorming ideas, get moving.



For the techie on the go…

photo (12)Need a little extra juice? Motorola Mobility got techies charged about Techweek with the Motorola Universal Portable Power Packs. If you’re like us, you probably Tweet, Facebook and Instagram throughout the day, leaving your smartphone or tablet low on batteries. A wall of small, black boxes each caring Motorola’s new Universal USB Portable Power Packs allow you to charge your wireless device from anywhere. Motorola Mobility also showed off its new Google-infused logo and met with its new neighbors at Merchandise Mart. The company and its some-3,000 new employees are going to start occupying the River North super space’s top four floors and rooftop this year.

Music Industry Workshop
For the aspiring DJ…

photo (13)We got jiggy with it at Music Industry Workshop’s ear-thumping booth, where we got to play with some old school and digital DJ equipment. Music Industry Workshop is the Chicago’s No. 1 resource center for the recording arts so we were in good company. The company trains DJ’s and audio recorders during hands-on classes.



For the traveler…

photo (9)With smartphones, tablets and laptops, we’re connected to the web around the clock …except for one place. When you’re up in the air, you’re pretty much in a Internet blackout. Gogo changes that by providing travelers with Internet while they’re flying. If you need to stay connected, Gogo offers both a monthly and daily pass for unlimited in-flight Internet usage. The travel companion gave out free customizable luggage tags and offered expo goers a first class sopt to rest their feet and charge their phones.

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