Doejo in Motion: We Do Awesome Videos

Did you know we do pretty killer videos here at Doejo? We just finished shooting the annual report for one of the largest liberal art colleges in the country, highlighting an awesome urban campus and some really creative kids at Columbia College on film. Ah, you can almost smell the fresh canvases and oil pastels…

Teaming up with Chicago photographer Tim Klein, we documented seven students and college leaders to share their scholarship stories for potential donors and alumni. And we think we served justice to the eclectic and colorful arts and media school behind the lens. Check out our work on “Capturing the Moment” if anything to be inspired by seeing and hearing young artists making a case for their school.

CCC-Allen Turner from Doejo on Vimeo.

CCC-Marco Scola from Doejo on Vimeo.

CCC-Dr. Carter from Doejo on Vimeo.

CCC-Peter Teschner from Doejo on Vimeo.

CCC-Mike Perlow from Doejo on Vimeo.

CCC-Carrie Jones from Doejo on Vimeo.

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