Doejo is a WordPress Featured Partner

It’s no secret that we are big WordPress fans here at Doejo. As “Automattic Code Poets,” we’ve engendered some audacious but simply functional WordPress products—from Local TV and Chicago Athletic Clubs to The Snackpot and Greater > Than.

So we were met with great pride when WordPress announced last week that Doejo was named in the Featured Partner Program! The featured partners is a trusted short list of interactive agencies WordPress recommends to companies comprised of nine digital solution providers. We join 10upAlley InteractiveCode for the People, Human MadeinSourceCode, OomphRange, and VoceCommunications along with technology partners, FacebookFlipboardPostReleaseTinypass, and Zemanta, among others.

From the Automattic Director of Platform Services:

Some of the world’s biggest brands and publishers rely on VIP Services. We want to seamlessly connect these top-tier sites with agencies and platforms that consistently do great work with WordPress.