Doejo’s redesign of the Chicago Cultural Plan 2012 Infographic

As a Chicago-based digital agency we thought it would be a fun exercise to redesign the infographic recently released to detail 2012’s Chicago Cultural Plan. The original infographic, seen here and to the right, was put out in October by the City of Chicago.

Our designers gave the visual component of the plan a complete overhaul, shifting the focus from distracting colorful graphics to facts, figures and simple icons. We chose a minimalistic style for the new infographic with a muted color scheme, inspired by a logo found on the Chicago Cultural Plan’s Facebook page

The new format eliminates clutter, helping the reader digest the information in fast and easy way. We realize that when too many graphics are present the important information and overall purpose of the document can get lost. The new, streamlined design eliminates clutter while still keeping all of the necessary factual information.

Below we present to you Doejo’s version of the Chicago Cultural Plan infographic (click to enlarge):



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