Every Last Morsel: How to buy fresh, affordable food from your neighbor’s backyard

What if shopping for fresh, local vegetables was as easy as borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor? A new Kickstarter hopes to make this vision a reality.

Every Last Morsel is food project started by Todd Jones, a Chicago-based micro-farmer turned tech-entrepreneur. Inspired by the millions of pounds of food local gardeners grow each year, Jones wanted to give those gardeners an opportunity to share the fruits of their labor with the neighbors they didn’t know they had. Targeted towards green thumbs and foodies alike, the website will allow you to see what the gardeners in your community are currently growing in a location-based social platfrom. Jones believes that the fun of growing food is in sharing it and hopes that Every Last Morsel will make it easier for people to share their food and inspire others to start their own garden.

Doejo art director Liz collaborated on the website, helping with the user interface and user experience design. Farmers using the site can drop pins to map their gardens location, track their progress by keeping tabs on their plants, share crop results with neighbors, learn tricks of the trade from other farmers and share their crops through donation, barter or exchange. Foodies can easily source locally grown food in their neighborhood.

Every Last Morsel is looking for funding on Kickstarter, the worlds largest funding platform for creative projects. The project has until Friday, June 15th to reach its goal of $10,000. The money will be put towards securing a hosting server and hiring a developer to build the remainder of the website. Those looking to back the project or spread the word about Every Last Morsel can find the Kickstarter here.  

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