Falafill: Rebranding a ‘scratch kitchen’ eatery and neighbor

Falafill is a Chicago-based dining establishment that strives to make falafel more accessible. Doejo created a website that not only shows off the unique ingredient combinations available at Falafill, but also educates the consumer in a whimsical way while highlighting the fun and relaxed space.

Falafill owner Maher Chebaro came to Doejo in July 2011 looking for a professional-caliber brand identity package. We began by designing a logo and a brochure website for the “scratch kitchen” dining venue originally in Lakeview and now in The Loop and Oak Park. The impassioned folks at Falafill wanted a simple yet playful logo that would reflect their fresh, healthy and relaxed dining experience. The final design mixes Arabic Kufi calligraphy and the aesthetic of an urban street map. The logo was also inspired by compartments in the diverse salad bar, a substantial part of the menu at Falafill, so it’s multidimensional.

For the website we chose appetizing colors in natural, earthy tones, directly derived from a raw spice market or the food itself to evoke an authentic presence. An educational-driven component of the site features visuals of the food, allowing the user to experience the unique ingredients offered in a playful way. The website features hand drawn interpretations of text and is built on an intuitive content management system allowing Falafill to easily update the site with new multimedia, consumer information and ingredients as they expand.

In addition to the website and logo, Doejo designed business cards, edited print menus and created packaging and t-shirt options for Falafill. These packaging options include corporate lunch boxes, pita holders, drinking cups and napkins, all in line with Falafill’s brand identity as urban, cool and approachable.