FastAPI: The Simple and Fast Framework for Building APIs with Python

FastAPI is a modern, fast, web framework for building APIs with Python 3.6+. It is the third-fastest Python web framework, with only Scarlette and Uvicorn being faster. The simplicity and speed of FastAPI have contributed to its growing popularity, with the project currently having over 52,000 stars on GitHub.

One of the major reasons for FastAPI’s success is its use by Netflix for internal crisis management. The reliability and efficiency of the framework make it a valuable tool for handling difficult situations.

FastAPI is part of a larger trend of Python web frameworks gaining popularity. Python is on track to become the most popular programming language in the next few years, with a 19% growth rate over the past five years. It is already the 3rd most used language and the most popular language in terms of Google searches for tutorials.

The ease of learning, wide range of applications, and growing number of development resources have all contributed to the success of Python. Two other top trending Python web frameworks are Pyramid and Dash.

Overall, FastAPI is a promising framework for building APIs with Python, and its simplicity, speed, and reliability make it a valuable choice for developers.

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