Filter Bubbles

With everyone wrapped up in tailoring a personal web experience for every individual, have we all been lead into information isolationism? See Eli Pariser’s presentation on TED.

BONUS – How to avoid the filter bubble on facebook.

You may have noticed that your facebook news feed has become a little light on content and most of the updates are from the same group of friends. Thats because the default facebook news feed settings were quietly updated (way back in February) to show only “Friends and pages you interact with most”. However, you can change this setting and get ALL your friends back in your news feed. Here’s how:

Go to the top right corner of your facebook news feed and click on “Most Recent”. There should be an arrow indicating a drop down and more options for your most recent news feed. Click on “Edit Options”.

A window should come up with a dropdown labeled “Show posts from:”. Select “All of your friends and pages” from the dropdown and click save.

You should now see a news feed of all of your friends. Enjoy.