Friends of Doejo: ‘Everyone Is Gay’ needs your help

For LGBTQ youth out there thinking coming out is like an episode of Glee, good luck—there’s a lot less breaking out into song and no costume budget.

Seeking to give advice to, and promote awareness of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) youth, online resource Everyone Is Gay launched an Indie GoGo fundraiser to keep the momentum going, and funded. Founders Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid  (A Dollop barista alum) use their comedic prowess and bold honesty to educate and provide an ear to their youth following online and on tour, visiting high school and college campuses across the country.

For helping Everyone Is Gay, on Indie GoGo, sponsors get personalized holiday cards, your name in the credits, a compilation CD, a chance to meet Kristin and Dannielle, and most importantly, a hand in promoting a significant peer advocacy organization. But hurry, the fundraiser ends on December 14 at midnight!