Giving 3 Chicago restaurants an online presence: Lotties, The Pony and Frontier

Chicago is stacked with the finest gastropubs and neighborhood bars, but sometimes its patrons become fickle. When you own and operate a restaurant in this city — or in Pioneer Tavern Groups’ case, three restaurants — keeping a good rapport with customers is essential for repeat business.

The owners of Lotties, The Pony and Frontier partnered with Doejo to keep up with customers used to “friending” and “following” their favorite hangouts, as well as checking online for event updates and daily specials. Our developers and designers not only created the three separate (custom CMS) sites, but gave them each an identity reflecting their unique styles and designs. Our design team even gave each site a platform to have customers send in pics of their visits.

Check out how we incorporated the distinct personalities into the sites. For example, 77-year-old Lotties’ dark woods, ebony brick and historical references are unmistakable. Come on, who wouldn’t want to be friends with these neighborhood pubs?