Glazed and Infused chooses Bow Truss to partner with, free coffee and doughnuts friday!

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It must have been a magical morning when the first person, let’s call him Captain John Dough, first introduced the doughnut to a cup of coffee. The New World would never be the same.

Both marking one-year anniversaries, our very own Bow Truss Coffee Roasters and boutique doughnut company, Glazed and Infused are partnering this Friday, June 14. Glazed and Infused will be brewing Bow Truss’s Canopy Blend and award-winning Foundation Espresso in its five locations starting June 14 as well as selling whole beans.

To celebrate the partnership, Glazed and Infused will be giving away free freshly brewed Bow Truss coffee at all locations Friday while Bow Truss’s Lakeview location, at 2934 N. Broadway, will be giving away free Glazed and Infused doughnuts on that day as well.

“We wanted to partner with a local small business that is pursuing a very similar goal as us: quality and uniqueness that is both new and exciting,” says Glazed and Infused general manager, James Gray. “And we found that opportunity after testing many other coffee companies. Bow Truss shares our philosophy, character and aesthetic.”

Coffee is a significant component of what Glazed and Infused does, Gray says. The company founded by Tom Culleeney and Scott Harris, wanted a larger relationship and presence with a local coffee brand with a comparable product. Glazed and Infused also expects to triple its locations by 2015 while Bow Truss hopes to double its locations and production by next year. Bow Truss hopes this partnership will increase the doughnut company’s coffee sales by 20 to 30 percent.

“As small businesses we have unique struggles and successes that comes with our dexterity,” Bow Truss founder and CEO Phil Tadros says. “We compete with the Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks of the world with craft, small batch production and both companies share this unique quality and consistency. We’re both working towards common goals, which is what makes this collaboration so important.”

Glazed and Infused also collaborates with other local small businesses for its fresh doughnut fillings and jams, like Rare Bird Preserves, Terry’s Toffee and Katherine Anne Confections. Bow Truss partners with small businesses offering pop-up deserts and pastries at its two locations, like Puffs of Doom, Gingersnap Sweet, Lucila’s Homemade Alfajores, Tres Jolie Patisserie and others.