Group dining deal site, gDine gets a Doejo redesign

Do you ever feel like planning a group outing for dinner is a logistical nightmare? Unless you’re a party planner, you have to find a restaurant everyone likes within a sensible budget, then make reservations, and of course, deal with the inevitable: “How are we going to split the check” question.

Enter gDine, a group-dining site that not only connects you to Chicago’s best dining experiences (hotspots like Quarttino, Sunda and Prosecco), but with anywhere from a 15 to 60 percent discount. Going Dutch? No problem. You can split the bill all online, covering tip and taxes, all before your group-dining excursion. Check out the new redesign we delivered to gDine, which launched this week.

Doejo designers and developers supped-up gDine’s user flow and interface, improving the way users discover all the benefits of the site. And to help create a more defined site personality, team Doejo consulted gDine on the tone and feel of the site as well. 

Read more about Doejo’s work on gDine here.