Grungy Gentleman: Heightening a style blog into a epic menswear publication

This month we launched the new redesign and branding of menswear style site This is no ordinary New York City fashion blog, mind you—at Grungy Gentleman you’ll find witty and advantageous tips on cultural trends to be sure, but also stylish takes on the worlds of entertainment, sports, technology, food, travel and hedonistic living in the Empire City.

To help build up this robust online publication, the team at Doejo designed an easily adaptable logo and branding that pairs perfectly with the photo-heavy, multi-panel carousal image layout. (You should check this out on an iPad!) The site is set up as a feast for the eyes where users can click, scroll and navigate through inspiring articles and rousing videos while easily sharing these finds through a multitude of social media accounts. Because what’s style if it can’t be shared… and coveted.

Read more about the work we did for Grungy Gentleman in our case studies.