Help support Matthew Hoffman’s “You Are Beautiful” Kickstarter campaign

Chicagoan Matthew Hoffman’s “You Are Beautiful” campaign has been a worldwide movement producing a half million stickers that are more than a little reflective.

This global empowerment project starting with a simple message on a small sticker and grew to massive public art instillations across the globe comprised of unique and comforting artwork.

Now, the crafty wood carving artist (who made our Bow Truss sign by the way) is launching a Kickstarter for a book documenting this decade long project. Here’s what he has to say about the fundraising effort with some sweet perks:

It’s going to be packed full of images and stories, and you’ll learn first hand what goes into a project of this magnitude. Likely, if you’ve collaborated on the project, you’ll find yourself within the pages.

You’re not just supporting a book, you’re backing this message. If you’ve been looking for a way to plug in, and support the project – here’s your chance!

We hope to surpass what we need for the book, so we can remind even more people of their beauty. All funds that exceed the book printing and shipping costs will be directly put back into spreading You Are Beautiful. 

The rewards include having your name printed in the book, sticker packs, a signed copy of the book with a personal message, limited edition paper cut works, wood carvings, and much more! 

Hoffman is also putting on a massive exhibition As You Are : A Decade of You Are Beautiful opening Thursday, February 7, 2013 at the Green Exchange in Chicago.

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