Homeless Cop Kickstarter Party!

A show full of awesome music and talented voice actors like Greg Hollimon (Strangers With Candy) and Mancow. This is really unlike anything on TV right now! With help from Doejo, ALL of the audio, music, and sound FX has been finished, and now we need YOUR help to make the animation magic happen! (Animators are expensive!) We have high quality stickers, t-shirts, and prints to give away if you pitch in, and for the high rollers, we’ve got some special things planned. The cartoon commercials are already on TV, now it’s time for the full length show!

Sponsored by PBR

Featuring Music by: Ssssnake & DJ Tommy Ruffingers

Entrance to the party requires a donation of $5 or more ( $10 recommended ) on the Homeless Cop’s Kickstarter page.

August 18th     3128 N Broadway Chicago, IL     7pm – 11pm