How to jump start your career in the New Year

If your New Year’s resolution involves starting a business, we have found the perfect kit to get the ball rolling after the holidays. The Founding Kit provides everything an entrepreneur needs to launch a new venture. Right now there are three kits, including an a la carte option where entrepreneurs can choose how they want to bolster their business. Services include a virtual assistant, domain name, hosting company, social media set up, accounting software and copywriting to help bring your new venture to life.

The Founding Kit was created by Jill Salzman of The Founding Moms and Tamara Nolte, a new business manager and educational consultant at Bubbles Academy.

“The idea came straight from members of The Founding Moms. I’ve seen thousands of mom entrepreneurs at this point who don’t know where to turn when it comes to finding quality service providers. So, why not cull my favorites and offer them up in really affordable bundles?” Jill Salzman said.

Taking a class is another great way to fine tune your skills and get ahead. Mobile Makers recently announced their iOS Accelerated program, perfect for developers who already have their feet wet. Assuming you already know programing basics, this class will teach you how to master the iOS platform in just four weeks. The new class covers everything from objective-C basics and table views to core animation and debugging. iOS Accelerated starts on January 7th so sign up now.

Not a seasoned developer? The Starter League offers a variety of classes to help you master how to code, design and ship web apps, no experience required. We recommended checking out the new Visual Design class taught by Mig Reyes from 37signals.

Other unique ways to jump-start your career include starting a YouTube account, joining a co-working space, a Girl Scout troop or simply start embracing your rebellious side.