“I Made This For You” by Matthew Hoffman opening today

Chicago artist and intricate wood craftsman, Matthew Hoffman has a blunt—but comforting—way to get his message across.

Inspired by optimistic idioms and sunshine-bright truisms, Matthew hand-cuts wood into uplifting notes and vibrant colors for his upcoming show at Public Works Gallery in Wicker Park, opening today. 

Entitled “I Made This For You,” the show will run through April 20. While the artist has shown work in various media with different aliases, this is the first show under his real name.

At his Multi Polar Projects shop, you can get custom wood word carvings for $5-$30 (in color is extra), to say whatever word you want in basswood, walnut hardwood or birch plywood. What Wood You Say? Outside the wood realm, Matthew makes a pair of fluorescent-colored acrylic drink stirrers fashioned into hipbones: A Pair of Hipsters.

Facebook: I Made This For You –Matthew Hoffman
Get a sneak peak at his work at Nothings For Keeps studio photoblog.

Public Works Gallery, 1539 N Damen Ave, 2nd Floor. It opens Friday, March 2, 2012 – 7-10pm. The show runs from March 2 — April 20.