I Suck At Public Speaking

I often get invited to speak at universities and conferences, i.e. University of Chicago, Indiana, Columbia, Techcocktail, etc. 

My life is not that scripted –I really just wing everything. So for me to have an agenda, or an outline, or notes, or even a computer with God forbid a PowerPoint is not only rare, it’s never.

Sometimes I do a great job and other times I have failed my audience. I’m surprised when I bomb a speaking engagement, but the few people that do reach out and really appreciate my unconventional approach and point of views.

I hate one-sided conversations and I do not consider myself a theatrical performer. I probably never got into reading books because of this long winded one-sided conversation. I mean, who wants to listen to someone for such a long time without a little back and fourth? Sure a good story maybe, but a book? No thank you. I do love people who read them, the knowledge they share and the actual book itself – especially when used. You can feel the life that was held and high beamed into it. I do not like to script a performance. I’m a pro at being underprepared and cranking out amazing results.

Shut up Phil.

I need to prepare more, it will only help what I’m naturally priding myself on and I have amazing people to help me with my homework.

Q&A’s will still be my favorite, one-on-ones I love and boardroom meetings kick ass. 🙂

See you all at Techweek Chicago!