Indiegogo to host Second City Soiree at Bow Truss

Crowdfunding pioneers, Indiegogo—a global fundraising platform for creative, entrepreneurial and cause-based projects—is hosting a Second City Soiree for Techweek next Monday, June 25 at Doejo’s Bow Truss Coffee Roasters. We couldn’t be more excited to help out such an impactful company that enables people to attain their dreams.

A gathering of Indiegogo ambassadors (successful and unique campaigners), local enthusiasts and supporters are invited to our Bow Truss space, 2934 N. Broadway from 7 – 9 p.m. Guests that RSVP will expect to learn tips, tricks and successes in organizing fundraising efforts, with cool swag and takeaways abound.

What’s great about Indiegogo, besides offering fundraisers from all over the world any cash they raise as opposed to the U.S.-only, all-or-nothing Kickstarter platform, is it’s inclusiveness to entrepreneurial efforts from restaurants and small businesses to sports-related and tech startup projects.

While perusing through tech startups you’ll find successful projects like the Satarri Star Accessory, a sensor-enabled motorized mobile accessory that will have your camera phone follow your every move; the Gmap Pedometer, an app for bikers/ runners to map out the course of their travels; and Zekira, an app that helps your organize your emails, messages, documents, contacts and calendar. There are some truly amazing projects to help thrive here—check it out.

And be sure to RSVP for the Second City Soiree on Monday, June 25th from 7 – 9 p.m. at Bow Truss Coffee Roasters, 2934 N. Broadway.