Introducing Peckish: a healthy snack subscription service

For those hit with a snack craving in the middle of the workday (but want to avoid sugary, trans fat, artificial options) Peckish offers a healthy solution—delivered straight to your desk. Founder Shelia Guo came to Doejo to build this subscription-based snack delivery service from its branding and identity to its packaging and functionality, which launched just last month.

For about $15 a package—or only $9.99 for a limited time—users can pick out their flavor profiles: The Nutrition Box, The Energy Booster Box, The Protein Box, the Sweet Tooth Box or a Surprise Me Box of random assortments. In these weekly or one-time-order packages you’ll be treated to hearty portions of nuts, berries, granola, freeze-dried fruits, veggies and more.

And you won’t find any sodium benzoate (whatever that is), preservatives or artificialities here. The Strawberry Sunrise mix for example lists its ingredients as simply: “Strawberries, organic pitted dates, rolled oats, soy oil, sugar, water, salt.” Sounds pretty good to me.

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