Introducing the CSS Box Model tee

If you’ve spent any time in web design, you know the CSS Box Model is king (or in my case queen). There are plenty of girls out there pounding the keys, making awesome stuff. I’m Amelia- I’m taking the CSS Box Model off of the monitor and into your life on to your favorite American Apparel tees. Maybe you’re a girl who loves coding. Maybe you’re a guy who loves girls who code. Either way, I believe in quality control, user testing my Box Model Tee for fit and quality before I hand pack and ship them—all while answering some CSS questions along the way. 

So go ahead, hit me up with your trickiest CSS quandaries and buy a shirt while you’re at it. It’ll look good on ya’. PS, one of the editors at bought our first one, which couldn’t be more perfect.

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-XO, Amelia