Introducing Vamoose Tattoo Removal


From the ground up, Doejo was tasked with building a brand with a new concept—Chicago’s first exclusive tattoo removal company. Our team of designers, developers, copywriters and photographers created everything Vamoose Tattoo Removal needed to launch into a growing market, while our construction team built-out its new Wicker Park shop.

As the popularity of people getting tattoos grows, so does tattoo removal. Luckily, with the latest in specialized laser technology, you can say “Vamoose” to that Spring Break indiscretion on your lower back or the sleeve you’re trying to hide from your boss.

We first started researching the removal technology (a Quanta Q+C laser), its capabilities and which other companies in the country use it—which are few and far between. With the Wicker Park storefront obtained, we set out to identify tattoo artists and shops locally and throughout Chicago, as well as which other companies advertised tattoo removals.

The owners found that since Vamoose’s laser was specifically for tattoo removal, unlike other lasers used for a multitude of skincare solutions, we should focus on the state-of-the-art technology. And since we were trying to embed ourselves among tattoo artists and enthusiasts (and not as a pompous clinic), we kept Vamoose’s feel and tone pro-tattoo and free of judgment, while celebrating good tattoos.

The branding and identity of Vamoose was based on vintage tattoo shops; we pictured the logo painted on glass welcoming patrons. The color we chose to accent the brand was a relaxing and approachable teal blue.

The interior design we created using vintage wrought-iron stools, reclaimed woods, a chandelier made of deer antlers and portraits of famous men with tattoos— Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt among them. The idea was to make the shop look professional and inviting and not like a sterile clinic.

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