Jokes4Miles, fighting cancer one joke at a time

Jokes4Miles is an interesting concept on it’s own, even before it tugs at your heartstrings with the story of a young man’s fight with cancer. But if laughter is the best medicine, then this video submission project is the Pfizer of hilarity.

To cheer up his son Miles, who is battling a rare form of brain cancer, Len Austrecivh launched, which seeks video submissions from comedians to entertain his now-19-year-old son as he receives treatment at LA Children’s Hospital. From this idea the site has grown inspiring hundreds of submissions to Miles and other children from all over battling cancer—videos from famous comedians and athletes included.

Across the street from Doejo, at the recently opened Laugh Factory theater, Jokes4Miles held an impressive 30-hour Joke-A-Thon on April 24 – 25, which was free to attend.

Doejo worked on the site to make the site a bit more professional as the project started getting publicity ahead of the Laugh Factory event. Here, you can access some of the video submissions, get info on the documentary they’re working on and learn about this inspiring project’s ambitious future plans to get personalized videos for other children fighting cancer.