Keeping Busy with Busy Beaver Button Co.

It’s obvious that Busy Beaver Button Co. takes its craft pretty seriously.  Maybe it’s the world’s largest button vending machine located in their renowned Busy Beaver Button Museum. Or maybe it’s their one-of-a-kind 24-karat gold plated buttons.

This dedication is evident through the Chicago-based company’s blog posts and hilarious videos shot at their studio. And while promoting admirable charities, the Beavers always find a way to give back through diverse fundraisers. What’s not to be proud of? At Doejo, we’re proud to say we helped boost Busy Beaver Button Co.’s e-commerce platform, making it more efficient and cleaner. Like many of out e-commerce-centric clients, we streamlined the ordering, payment and shipping process with the simplest, but methodical user experience in mind. 

Read more about our work with Busy Beaver here.

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