Launching Smalldates into the social stratosphere

Brace your heartstrings folks. We just launched a new Facebook-permeating anti-dating, dating site, affectionately called But this isn’t your grandmother’s marriage compatibility social networking site.

Doejo designers and developers formed a top secret league of cosmic loveologists with their eyes to the stars so you can wear your heart on your sleeve. Through a complex astrological algorithm we developed a platform far from or even OKCupid, there’s no pressure to tie the knot or even go on a fancy shirt-tucked-in dinner date.

Think: a less “let’s try dating” website and more a “hey, wanna grab a beer?” wingman.

The idea is as simple as it is to join. A mouse click or two grants access to your Facebook profile, filed with info you’re already comfortable sharing (birth date, current location, list of friends, networks, relationships statuses, etc.) and formulates a user specific rundown of friends, or friends of friends you might (or might not) try striking up a conversation with.

To get the ball rolling, we’ve categorize your compatibility percentages on love, friendship, work, sex and marriage (whether you’re into that or not), and presents an acute, quick analysis of your potential rapport with that person. The hardest part? Sending them a message. But don’t stress, our aim is to strip away those formalities. We’re launched in alpha mode (not quite beta, but it’s all uphill from here) and we’ve already got astrologist Susan Miller’s ears perked (but more on that later).

So, what have you got to lose? is what you make of it. Find your cosmic connection. We promise to keep you down to Earth.