Leveraging social media into a loyalty rewards platform: Pegmo

One of our newest projects, Pegmo has burning up the social interwebs. And for good reason. Pegmo is an innovative customer loyalty platform that converts your Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter interactions (among others) with local businesses into real world rewards. And I’m not talking mere check-in badges either.

Doejo teamed up with Pegmo as user experience strategy partners to develop this web- and mobile-based interface (we make it look friendly and inviting). Its usability makes a game out of those check-ins and “likes.”

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you love pan-Asian eatery Wow Bao and follow them on Pegmo. They currently offer 13 opportunities to interact with them –Pegmo calls these “Pegs.” You are rewarded with an in-store coupon if you complete three pegs like follow Wow Bao on Twitter, check into one on Foursquare and post a picture of a Wow Bao delivery truck you snapped on their Facebook, for example. Pegmo is already tied into these established social media API’s so you automatically get a credit for completed pegs. Then, if you complete 10 pegs, you’re rewarded with a free Wow Bao rice bowl – get it? Other rewards include access to exclusive events, freebees and discounts at more than 300 restaurants, shops and even museums (and growing).

Take Pegmo for a spin, it’s really makes social media worthwhile.

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