M&A Activity

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So much has been happening lately it has been really hard to keep up with maintaining the Doejo blog.  But a few items really merit mentioning… and we're really proud to share.

Did you know that in the last few months, Doejo clients have been acquired and bought out for billions upon billions of dollars?  If my math skills are correct, it's four billion smackeroos.

Things started heating up this summer, when Tribune Broadcasting acquired Local TV LLC for $2.75 Billion.  While the deal is subject to FCC approval, there is no doubt that in a few short months, one of Doejo's favorite clients will be operating under the banner of another client (we have also recently developed sites for WGN, ThisTV and AntennaTV—all divisions of Trib).  Not to toot our own horn (well, that's a lie—I'm being a shameless self promoter in this post) but the types of major website and mobile initiatives Local TV engaged us for probably helped enhance that valuation.  We keep our clients' online publishing operations on the bleeding edge and have launched several new themes and smartphone/tablet apps for their properties and even saved lives along the way.

Last month, eBay and PayPal acquired Chicago-based Braintree Payments for a whopping $800 Million cash.  Now you may recall that last year Doejo helped re-launch the “brochure site” for Braintree as well as re-design their whole customer on-boarding experience in preparation for Braintree's (then) new Instant product.  Needless to say, the payment space is hot, and there a lot of happy workers down on Canal Street these days.

And, just last week Oracle acquired another local client of ours, BigMachines, for a deal reported to be worth $400 Million!  We've had the privilege of working with BigMachines for a long time now, helping out with video production, motion graphics and event coverage.  Congrats to them all!

So, are you an entrepreneur, manager or business exec mulling over who to hire for your next digital project?  If so, just think about these three success stories.  While I can't guarantee that you'll get acquired for a billion bucks, I can guarantee we'll help accelerate your digital initiatives and launch state-of-the-art products that will make peers, competitors and customers take notice.