Meet Doejo Russia

For those familiar with our humble web agency, or have worked with our team, you know we take pride in our Russian roots. While our staff originated with UX specialists and developers, Timur, Roman, Dan, Rinat and others; about 30 percent of Doejo’s staff identify as Russian American.

As a matter of fact, founder Phil Tadros was featured last year in Russian Chicago for Doejo’s Russian influence.

Founder Phil Tadros featured in Russian Chicago for Doejo's Russian influence

Harnessing the perfect blend of talent—a well-connected and dependable team—has always been the impetus of Doejo’s success. And when we’re not immersed in an existential Dostoyevsky novel, being regaled by soprano singer, Galina Vishnevskaya’s arias, or choosing M. Bison for his scissor kicks on Street Fighter II, we’re building a great team.

When we brought on project manager, Igor Golubchik—who moonlights as a popular Russian-American radio show host and publisher of Russian Chicago magazine—he brought with him a team of software engineers and developers he’s been working with for over six years, located in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Yekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia is about 1,000 miles east of Moscow—and along with San Francisco to the west, is now Doejo’s second home in the far east.

Doejo Russia helps us expand on our international offerings and global talent. Boris, Misha, Dima, Daniel, Andrey, Masha and Vitya have been working alongside our Chicago team for the past four months, with clients from Busy Beaver Button Co. to Consequence of Sound, among others. The enthusiastic team recently sent us a snapshot into our Russian office. Наслаждайся! (Enjoy!)

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Doejo Russia from Doejo on Vimeo.