New Inspired Mag weekly column fueled by Doejo

We just posted our first guest column in partnership with design webzine Inspired Mag today! This weekly Q&A post will be a profile a desginer/ creative called Inspired Talks. The interviews are accompanied by a photo of the interviewee’s workspace. Check it out every Monday at

For our first interview post with a creative, we got in touch with Russ Maschmeyer, a web designer living in Brooklyn with his fiancée fellow design-extraordinaire Jessica Hsiche.

The School of Visual Arts MFA alum has been working mainly as a freelance designer having worked on typography head-starter Type-A-File, interactive photo projecting tool Airloom and non-designer designer resource, among other projects.

He tells Inspired Mag what inspires him as a designer, what it’s like to collaborate with his future wife and fellow designer, and his forthcoming work at Facebook. …

[Read the full interview here.]