New to Doejo: John Link, Project Manager

Today I’d like to introduce the newest member of our team, John Link. John recently moved to doejo from a background of amateur segway piloting, bustling newsrooms, and I think something having to do with angry lawyers. We’ve been getting him up to speed him on board for about a week and we’re really stoked about what he’s brought to the table so far. 

Why we need a Project Manager
Everyone at Doejo has a very strong Freelance background. Juggling work and managing deadlines comes pretty naturally to all of us–we’re psuedo Project Managers. But after doing the job ourselves for the past few years, and putting an incredible amount of time and energy into keeping up with demand, we’ve really come to appreciate the qualities of a good project manager. John link will help us define requirements, putting together estimates, and keeping our teams on scope & budget.

Thank you John–Looking forward!

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