Nostalgeeka: How we got here

How/Why some of us here at Doejo gravitated towards this wonderful field!


Photography got me into design actually (usually it’s the other way around). I was a photographer before I was a graphic designer. I appreciate well composed and innovative photos and that same sensitivity was easy to translate onto paper, buildings, canvas, screens…. I think all designers should be good photographers and all photographers should be good designers. At least if ya know what you’re doin’ 😉


Skateboarding. I loved skateboarding when i was younger and the whole culture, art, illustrations, mags, everything. Always wanted to design skatedecks, etc. 


I was Always making videos with friends when I was younger (spoofs, skate videos, blowing up stuff) and playing around in Photoshop. Then I had the opportunity to shadow my neighbor who was an editor at Filmworkers Club and that was the hook that got me.


The hours spent on AOL in the mid-90s searching for the distressed typewriter typeface on so many rock albums


Punk Rock


Failing as a computer engineer 🙂


Edward Scissorhands, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, & Batman Returns; by far, my earliest influences and inspiration. I always wanted to work on really crazy magical movie sets crafting costumes, makeup, and set designs


I didn’t have many friends growing up so rather than overcoming my crippling social anxiety and meeting new people i decided to porn it up and write computer programs.


I’ve been always curious about what products are made of and when i was 5 or so I took all sort of things apart. Psychology and the brain – other things I was into… bad product design… So here I am 🙂

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