Peep Show Series #5: Beth Stelling

I know, I know… it’s been a while since we’ve unveiled a new Peep Show but hey, better late than never eh? This week we decided to showcase our favorite comedian who also asked doejo to do her website! (she also lives with Katie B and works with Liz Gilmore on design shiz, so she is basically part of the doejo fam) You can’t last long in the city of Chicago without seeing the beautiful and “sweet” Beth Stelling‘s face on something, ha. From the cover of the Redeye to Chicago Reader‘s best stand-up female, this creative comic has taken over the comedy scene. You’ll most likely find her eating a quiche or entertaining Julia so finally we were able to sit down with this fancy lady to hear about her epic move to conquer LA and her obsession with hand sanitizer.

So Beth, tell us a little about what you do…please include all talents, skills, software knowledge.

I am a stand-up comic. I write my own material and perform it in comedy showcases anywhere from 1-9 times a week. I am a member of Chicago Underground Comedy- a local cast of great Chicago comics, I host my own variety show on Sundays called Entertaining Julia with my best friends: The Puterbaugh Sisters. I’m also a barista and manager of Dollop Coffee Shop. I’m a good kisser. Evvvvvvrybody says so. I have no software knowledge. I can operate an iPhone and Apple computers better than a baby boomer. I can do the splits. And I love love love sweets. I can eat an entire bag of Jet Puffed Mini Marshmallows. I do my own hair and makeup. I make a pretty good Fire Marshall Bill face. I’m a great organizer and I can juggle a lot of things on little sleep. 

So you have a lot of free time, then? So what’s the best thing about the Chicago comedy culture?

Because we aren’t industry-based, there is room to experiment and shape your act without worrying who is in the audience. 

Later this summer you are moving to LA. Why leave the Windy City? 

To be in front of those industry folks I was just talking about! And so I don’t have to bike around looking like Ghost Dad through the winter. 

What from Chicago are you gonna take with you and spread to the regions of LaLa Land?

My seed. Or just all my great T-shirts from Strange Cargo.

What are you gonna NOT miss about Chicago?

I am going to greatly miss my friends, the coffeeshop commune I live in, doing stand-up whenever I want, riding my bike everywhere. Oh, the question was what I won’t miss: those long, dark, cold winters!

I see you have NOW thats what I call music 3…. thats impressive. What’s your favorite track and why?

There are several great ones. My top 2 are  “Tell Me It’s Real” by K-Ci & JoJo because it takes me right back to slow dancing as a freshman in high school hoping someone would kiss me or touch my butt. Then second is, “Out of My Head” by Fastball because it reminds me of driving to Kings Island with friends to ride those coasters and sweat a lot. There are also some really awful songs on there.  

If I was to walk in on you unannounced at any give time, what would I most likely find you doing?

Sitting at my computer social networking. honest and sad: the best kind of humor. 

Where do you find most of your creative comedy inspiration? 

My family. and my day to day experiences. 

What was your FIRST EVER job?

My first job was at an ice cream store called Graeter’s. I quit track and field to work there and gained about 15 pounds. You have to know your product! I was dating the product. Things got messy.

What was the last book you read?

Cover to cover: The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption and Pee by Sarah Silverman.  

If you could front a band what would it be called and what genre of music would you play?

We would play alt-rock pop folk. I mean how do you describe music? So tough. I love New Kids On the Block. I also love Florence + the Machine. So…we’d be called Beth’s New Machine Kid.

Top three things you love doing this summer…. GO!

Riding my bike along Lake Michigan, trying not to crash when I check out my own cleavage. Performing with amazing comediennes in The New Colony play called Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche Friday and Saturday at 8 PM at Dank Haus. Having beers with friends.

If you could tell 12-year-old Beth Stelling what to expect for the next 18 years, what would you tell her?

“Hey, Beth, the next 18 years are going to be pret-ty, pret-ty great, gal. Trust your instincts and be patient with yourself. Don’t look to follow in anyone’s footsteps…you’ll make your own way. Also don’t date that one guy! He’s crazy!”

I think we’d all like to tell ourselves not to date that “crazy one.” But until we can travel back in time we’ll have to soothe our heartbroken or cynical souls with a little laughter and some K-Ci & JoJo. (“alllll myyyy liffeeeeee….”) To get some of that good ol’ comedy, check out for a list of shows she is currently performing in. Doejo loves you Beth! Check out more Peep Shows here!

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