Phil Tadros, Modern Man

While not his first runway show, Phil—Doejo’s fearless leader, “serial entrepreneur,” “a true innovator’s innovator,” etc.—could be spotted at “A Modern Man” fashion show held at The Underground Chicago last week, dawning a multi-blue hued plaid shirt by 7FAM, cuffed dark denim by Genetic Walker, and a business causal navy cardigan and scarf by Psycho Bunny.

The “models” were an assortment of Chicago “celebrities,” styled by boutiques like Apartment Number 9, Cityblue, Haberdash, and Sir & Madame. Check out some highlights from the show below.

[vimeo 36384065 w=660 h=371]

Modern Man Fashion Show at The Underground Chicago from Rockit Ranch Productions on Vimeo.

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