Phil talks Doejo on CEO IntroNet TV

This week our very own Phil Tadros was asked to speak on a roundtable panel with other local business leaders for business social network, CEO IntroNet. As a collective of CEOs, owners, presidents, executive directors, managing partners and the like, CEO IntroNet aims to connect decision maker to decision maker while providing informative regionally aired interviews for WBBM CBS2.

The first video interview is all about how Phil Tadros and Darren Marshall started Doejo, what we do and a bit about how Phil got involved in entrepreneurship. In this Q&A, Phil talks candidly about his first failed tech venture, what he learned and Doejo’s first client projects. If you’ve ever wanted to know anything and everything about our company this is good place to start.

The second video is entitled, “How successful entrepreneurs can help the next generation of entrepreneurs.” Featuring Phil Tadros; ContextMedia co-founder Shradha Agarwal; and Intelligentsia President Douglas Zell, this roundtable discussion touches upon how companies invest and mentor smaller startups with host John Page of CEO IntroNet TV. The group talked about why it’s good to not always know what you’re getting into and why failing can actually help you succeed.