Pure Wow blog pays Bow Truss a visit

Check out this glowing review of Bow Truss via culture blog, Pure Wow.

Enter Bow Truss, a new Lakeview coffee shop designed for those who’d rather sip and savor than plug in and tune out. (Caveat: There’s no Wi-Fi here–yet.) The roaster celebrated the opening of its retail area last week, and the space is a minimalist complement to the gorgeous bow truss–clad roasting operation in back.

There are concrete floors painted a minty grandma green and an entrance flanked by burlap bags of beans, but the real show is in those exposed trusses awash in sun from a gigantic skylight.

Our $2.75 cappucino was so good, we didn’t add sugar; the fresh-roasted beans without a hint of char taste spoke for themselves. The menu is well-edited (drip and espresso, cappuccinos and macchiatos; vanilla lattes and hot chocolate will be offered soon), and a rotating selection of beans are also for sale ($11 to $16), displayed in a sawed-off canoe turned upright for shelving.

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