Reinventing the sports recovery drink: Greater > Than

Helping to launch young entrepreneurs with an audacious business plan is only our specialty. Our buddies Mark and Jon Sider from Highland Park, IL. had such an idea for a recovery sports drink called Greater > Than. And it’s completely transforming the sports drink market saturated with sugary competitors.

We were side-by-side with the Sider brothers as they developed their electrolyte-loaded coconut water drink since December 2009 and helped them develop their brand, image and digital platform. Today they’ve sold more than 200,000 bottles — which comes in lemon-lime, tropical and orange flavors — within nearly 200 storefronts and cafes in and around Chicagoland.

Greater > Than also holds a special place in our hearts because as they grew as a company, we grew. Back in the day, before Greater > Than and Doejo had central offices, Mark and Jon would meet with our developers and designers in coffee shops (that now carry Greater > Than by the way). My, how we’ve all grown. Score some nutrient-rich Greater > Than at a store near you or friend them at their E-Commerce Facebook site.