Rice is Nice but…

…wet laptop is not.  

After spilling water on my laptop today, I got some pro tips on how to hopefully save my ‘lil guy.
I thought I’d share them with you folks in case you ever get stuck in this unfortunate situation. 

Pro Tip #1: Don’t be foolish!

Don’t place a glass of water next to your computer. Instead, strap on a CamelBak and you’ll never have to leave your chair.

Pro Tip #2: De-power hour!

If you do spill water, immediately unplug any chargers, turn your computer off, and turn it upside-down on a dry surface (pyramid-style).

Pro Tip #3: Fans, baby!

Place several fans around the laptop to help it dry more quickly.

Pro Tip #4: The Ole’ Rice Trick 

Place your laptop completely submerged in a bag of rice, then seal airtight. Trader Joe’s guy says: brown rice absorbs more water, so buy that kind. Then place several signs around the laptop-rice-bag warning coworkers of the dangers of disturbing your poor computer while it’s on bedrest. 

Then hope for the best! Now, let’s all shed a tear for my computer…like this guy.

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