Share, order, acknowledge & advertise with July’s Built in Chicago Launch presenters

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Last night’s pitches at Built in Chicago Launch showed us how to share goods, order food, create ads, acknowledge others and find unique gifts. While each of these companies offer something different, they all make life a little easier. Now on to the pitches:

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Spare to Share – @SpareToShare

Have you ever thrown a party and realized you didn’t have the right equipment, so you go out and buy a blender or a $200 tent you’ll only use once? Co-founder Greg Jaros had this problem when hosting his son’s graduation party. “Literally, the first guy that walked into that party says ‘oh I had that tent in my garage; you should have called me,'” says Co-founder Gint Rudis. “This happens, who knows how often, to how many people — it’s a big problem. Why don’t people share more?” As we get older, Rudis says, we don’t share as much. With Spare to Share you can share and borrow from close, trusted groups in your community. Just sign up for Spare To Share and you can share, rent and sell items in no time.

LineHop – @LineHopApp
It’s Saturday night and you’re out bowling with the family. After a few frames you’re getting kind of hungry. The bowling alley kitchen is at the other end of the building, but you have to stay and make sure the kids don’t stick their heads in the ball return. So what do you do? “You download our app, SnackBar, you order food and a beverage, pay for it, and they bring it out to you,” says LineHop Co-founder Steve Dinelli. “It’s real simple to understand.” The company is currently working with Brunswick, AMF Bowling, and Storm to bring you food while you bowl.

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Creating advertisements for multiple devices just got a whole lot easier with Specless, a platform that makes your ad look good on multiple devices without having to create several versions. “We are a very easy way to create display ad campaigns that can run anywhere,” says Stephen Corby, CEO and Co-Founder of Specless. “We provide a platform — we create a single ad that can adapt on the fly and optimize to the ad shape and size of the device.”

When you approach a member of the military, you know their accomplishments right off the bat by looking at their lapel. But normal civilians don’t walk around with their achievements pinned to their chest. Ginger Malin’s company helps show off your achievements, whether it be finishing your first 5K or completing a higher education course. “Now the military did something that was really smart. They knew that in order to maintain excellence they needed to recognize and reward their soldiers and they needed to do it with something that was meaningful and public and portable. But what about the rest of us who are not in the military?” Malin says. With the cloud-based program, you can even share your achievements on your website, resume or social networking sites.

Reppio – @Reppio
Let’s be honest; you love being the first of your friends to find the hidden gem. Whether it’s a Chicago Loop tie or a copy of “Dads are the Original Hipsters,” Reppio brings you a plethora of great gifts from Chicago shops. “My partners and I started this because we like to have original things,” says Reppio Co-Founder Sean Korb. “We don’t want to have what everyone else has and I think a lot of people are like that.” The month-old company curates an online store full of interesting goods you can’t find on Michigan Avenue, but the folks at Reppio plan on expanding by offering items from stores outside of the Windy City.

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