Smart Sprites

One awesome thing I discovered recently is Smart Sprites by Stanislaw Osinski.  If you don’t know much about html/css, one step in the process is consolidating lots of little images into one big image so that pages load faster.  Then you can show any given image by creating a window in the html that’s the size of the image and positioning the mega image (called a “sprite”) behind it in just the right way so that only the section of the sprite that has that image shows through.  

Consolidating these images and positioning the resulting sprite in the right way for each image is one of the most tedious and soul-draining things a person can do.  That’s why I’m really happy that Smart Sprites exists because it does all of this for you.  It’s so satisfying to type in a line in the terminal and watch the program process all your images and their corresponding coordinates on the sprite.  The whole process takes less than a minute and this brilliant man gives the program away for free!  

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