Sonnenzimmer + Doejo = Awesome

We recently teamed up with silk screen power duo Nick and Nadine from Sonnenzimmer to do a custom poster for doejo. If you aren’t already familiar with Sonnenzimmer then get with it, ha! They are well known for their unique approach to design as well as their radiant personalities! So obviously, we were over the moon when we got a chance to work with them and create cool ass shit together. Check out the post they did on their site for this poster here

We told the talented team to “have fun” and create their own interpretation of doejo’s tagline: “we fuel ideas that grow” And with that we got this fantastic print pairing up the organic nature of the grass leaves texture under the more architectural space above it. I dig how the leaf texture acts as the fuel that is jutting upward towards this creative venue. If you squint I think you can see founder Phil Tadros sitting at his desk on his iPhone 😉 

A very big thank you to Sonnenzimmer for providing us with a rockstar poster. However…. now YOU (yes, you) can own one of these limited edition prints! 

All you have to do is go to THIS LINK and like doejo on facebook, write on our wall! The first 25 people will win one of these beauties. You’ll just need to stop on by at the office, give us a couple hugs and/or handshakes and then snatch yo’ print. The talented Damien…errrr Patrick Aubin maybe even be here to talk to just like this. Or perhaps newbie Rachel Vorm will hang out with you and share with you her lobster tales. So start liking and get on over  here, but tread lightly we may be up to some mid-morning trouble!

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