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A Kickstarter has launched to help fund a large public art initiative here in Chicago, the International Poster Biennial—where more than 2,000 entrees from professional and student designers worldwide compete. The three-day event in June is more than just an exhibition of work, it’s a weekend of lectures and outreach programs celebrating design. This Kickstarter’s goal is to keep the event free of admission, while offering donors the first Chicago Biennial catalogue (full color, 300 pages!) and posters from the event itself.

From our designer Liz for Design Bureau magazine: 

Major Hang-Ups

This summer, the world’s finest poster artists will have the opportunity to show their stuff in the Third Chicago International Poster Biennial (CIPB) from June 7-9, 2012. Via this public art initiative, viewers will be exposed to designs and design ideas originating everywhere from Switzerland to Israel to Japan. The 2012 CIPB professional poster competition will draw over 2,000 poster entries from artists and designers in 50 countries—all converging (at least in the two-dimensional sense) in the heart of the Midwest. The CPB isn’t just about a classic format, it’s about great communication. The great modernist designer from Chicago, John Massey, summed up the CIPB vision very eloquently when, as the first CIPB jury president, he defined the Biennial during an interview with Step Inside Design magazine. “The thing to remember is that we’re not talking about posters here. We’re talking about the transfer of information and ideas from one culture to another,” Massey said. “This is about broadening international understanding among all people, and that fosters the betterment of society at large.” The thing is, this public art initiative needs a hand. 

And you can help. CIPB is working to raise $25,000 through a Kickstarter initiative in order to provide free admission to the exhibition, lectures and outreach programs. It is reaching out to donors to help celebrate and spread the power of the poster. 

Check out and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign online.

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