Supporting unique local charities: A natural fit for Doejo

Our love keeps growing for all things Chicago. In addition to following and investing various facets of the local startup scene, we have a soft spot for helping active charities too. Sometimes we find these charities ourselves, other times friends suggest them and often they simply approach us. No matter how they connect to us we’re proud to have a hand in their great work.

The following group of organizations is a diverse one: from teaching young students the benefits of an entrepreneurial spirit to feeding the hungry by creating uplifting sculptures entirely out of canned food, something about these companies stood out. It is because of their unique visions that they have recently received support from Doejo.

Junior Achievement:

Junior Achievement is an organization that educates students about workforce readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Using hands-on programs they provide young people with the skills they need to be successful in life while connecting the classroom to the real world. Operating in over 200 cities across the United States, Junior Achievement has a strong presence in Chicago that will reach over 430,00 local students in the 2012 school year.

Junior Achievement was a natural fit for Doejo to get involved with because of their commitment to teaching students how to apply entrepreneurial thinking in the workplace and their focus on the value of contributing to the community. More information about Junior Achievement and their impact on young people can be found here.

Change of Pace 5K:

The Change of Pace 5K is designed to help clothe and house the homeless in Chicago. Proceeds will benefit KNO Clothing, a company that gives 50 percent of their profits to help end homelessness in over 100 communities across the country. The Prop, a nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals creatively engage their passions to raise awareness and resources for local or global issues, developed by Victor Saad of The Leapyear Project, is hosting the event.

Doejo is a platinum sponsor of the event that aims to help the over 90,000 people that experience homelessness in Chicago each night. To participate in the Change of Pace event as a runner, walker, sponsor or volunteer click here. The race takes place on September 22nd.


Embarc provides unique cultural experiences and interactions for high school students in socially and economically isolated areas of Chicago. Forming partnerships with the public school system, local businesses and arts organizations, the nonprofit strives to empower students with knowledge so they can begin to demand success of themselves. With a strong emphasis on mentoring and leadership, Embarc envisions a world where all students have the freedom to attain their dreams.

Doejo is currently working with the folks at Embarc on expanding their website and perfecting their print design so they can continue their mission of empowering minds, building achievement and reconnecting communities. More information on Embarc can be found here.


CANstruction is a fundraiser to benefit the Chicago Food Depository where teams are tasked with building massive sculptures entirely from cans. After they were displayed in the Merchandise Mart for the month of May the cans from the 10’ x 10 x 8’ sculptures were donated to the Chicago Food Depository. We had the pleasure of seeing the sculptures last month when we visited entrepreneurial hub 1871. Those who missed them can check out a gallery here.

With the help of a donation from Doejo, VOA, a worldwide architecture firm, built a can sculpture of an elephant balancing on a ball. Those looking to get involved with the Chicago Food Depository can join in the 27th Annual Hunger Walk on June 23rd at Soldier Field.

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