‘Tape Lamp’ from Museum of Science and Industry exhibit coming to Doejo

Remember cassette tapes? Watching the two magnetically coated plastic audio reels spin around in an iPhone-sized plastic shell? Remember listening to the radio, recording and stopping to make mixed tapes of your favorite songs—it was the quintessential love poem alternative.

Soon, at our growing web agency office, a tribute to the cassette tape will be emanating light. It’s an analog revival! 

San Francisco-based designer Transparent House, in collaboration with Andrei Hakhovic, built a unique square-shaped lamp made from 100 micro-cassettes in a laser-cut plexiglass acrylic frame. The tapes can be wound to the left or to the right allowing the designer to play with the design, they say. This unique design was featured in the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago’s “Smart Home” exhibit and within the next few days will find a home at Doejo.

Interestingly, The New York Times did a feature on the concept of this lamp in April 2010, and the resurgence of cassette tapes as a cultural throwback.

Interesting huh? You can have your own at Transparent House’s Etsy store.

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